Your employees safely back to work with the Covid Buzzer.

Each employee gets a Covid Buzzer. If someone else comes within 1.5 meters a warning signal is given (light and sound).

  • Quick and easy to use
  • No privacy issues (GDPR)
  • 10 cm accuracy thanks to UWB technology

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1,5 meter distance

How does the Covid Buzzer work?

The simple solution to keep a safe distance between each other. Everyone in the office, factory or elsewhere where many people gather, wears a buzzer. As soon as the buzzer meets another buzzer within a radius of 1.5 meters, a warning signal follows. The buzzer is completely anonymous, so there are no privacy issues involved.

Guaranteed 1,5 meters distance

All employees (and customers or visitors) receive the Covid Buzzer upon entrance. This can be worn around the wrist or neck. The buzzer continuously scans its environment for other buzzers via a, so-called Ultra Wide Band signal. This signal provides the most accurate distance measurement. As soon as 2 (or more) buzzers are less than 1.5 meters apart, they give a warning sound and light signal.  Once there is a safe 1.5 meters again, the signal will stop. This allows everyone to keep enough distance.

The Covid Buzzer is suitable for companies, factories and (government) institutions, where several people work together, come together or meet.


Our model

Allround buzzer

price per unit * (ex. VAT): 69,50€

Superior UWB Technology (<0.1m)
LED and sound warning
Anonymous, so GDPR compliant
Resistant to anti-allergy gel
CE certified
Enclosure IP 54
Charging via USB
Made in the EU
1 year warranty

Technical features 

Dimensions: 100x46x22mm
Temperature:-30 tot 60 degrees Celsius
Alarm: Buzzer, vibration and red/green led signal

Customers who already work with our UWB technology:


The measurement methods compared


Ultra Wide Band

Max accuracy 0,1 m

Immune to Multi-Path
Not sensitive to obstacles     
Reliable pulse signal




Max. accuracy 3-5m

Sensitive to Multi-Path
Less reliable signal with obstacles
Less reliable pulse signal



Max. accuracy 5-15m

Sensitive to Multi-Path
Less reliable signal with obstacles
Less reliable pulse signal


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Ultra Wide Band versus Bluetooth
  • Location determination up to 10 cm
  • Most suitable location tracking systems because the effects of multipath and other interface sources are minimized
  • Significantly better RF performance than BLE in built environments with metal structures (e.g. Factories, office spaces)
  • IEEE 802.15.4-2011 UWB standard uses radio waves with very short impulse transmissions (about 2ns)
  • Location with an accuracy of 10 cm
  • Easy location tracking service based on Apple’s iBeacon technology
  • Location technology: based on RSSI (an indication of received signal strength)
  • LOS range and narrowband communication: poor RF performance in metal environments such as factories and offices
  • Good for detection/warning nearby, but not for monitoring 1.5 meters away
  • Location accuracy: 2-3 meters
How does it work?
  • Buzzers use UWB to communicate automatically
  • They determine the distance from each other
  • Adjustable distance: default 1.5 meters
  • Relative distance • Alarm: flashing red LED + vibration
  • Optional: message sent from Covid Buzzer to smartphone app
How is the distance between Covid Buzzers calculated?


Who can use the Covid Buzzer?
The buzzer can be used wherever many people come together. Some examples are: offices, football stadiums, museums, construction sites, industry and healthcare.

Can the Covid Buzzer already be ordered?
Yes, the first ones are already being delivered. There is a great demand from the UK and abroad.

How can I order the Covid Buzzer?
You can click on the button “request for a quote”. We will respond within 24 hours on working days.

What is the price of the Covid Buzzer?
The price for the Allround Buzzer is € 69.50 each. You can only purchase the buzzers in packs of 25. For larger numbers, a graduated discount applies.

What is the delivery time for the Covid Buzzer?
When ordered, the delivery time is immediately issued. This depends on the demand and is currently around 4 weeks.

What do I need to activate the Covid Buzzer?
Nothing really, except activating the buzzer via an app. Very easy!

Can the Covid Buzzer be used anonymously?
Absolutely! No link to the user’s identity is required for use.

How long does the battery last and how do I charge it?
Typical battery life is around 12 hours per charge, but will be highly dependent on the number of alerts that are triggered. Charging is achieved via a USB type-C cable (purchased separately).

Will the Covid Buzzer go to sleep when charging? Yes. The firmware will detect the +5v from the USB, and automatically put the buzzer to sleep. During this time, no alerts will be given. Upon disconnecting the USB cable, the device will automatically wake up and be fully functional.

Is the Covid Buzzer safe for everyday use and children?
Absolutely! The very low energy consumption of UWB is about 0.01% of a Wi-Fi router. So, very safe for everyone, including children!

Is the Covid Buzzer FCC and ETSI compliant?
Yes. The buzzer is based around Decawave’s DWM1001C module, that are certified to ETSI, FCC and ISED regulations.

Worldwide certifications

  • United States FCC ID: 2AQ33-DWM1001 (part 15C, 15.250)
  • Canada ISED/IC: 23794-DWM1001
  • European Union ETSI: 2014/53/EU radio equipment directive (EN301 489-1, EN301 489-17, EN301 489-33, EN300 328, EN302 065-2)
  • UWB ranging SoC: IEEE 802.15.4-2011 UWB compliant

What frequencies do the Covid Buzzer use?
The buzzer implements two RF transceivers, including all necessary antennas. No external antennas are required.

  • BLE (2.4GHz) for messaging and configuration.
  • UWB (6.5GHz channel 5) for ranging.
About us

Advanced Solutions Nederland BV (ASN) is an international market leader in innovative IoT / IIoT smart sensor technology. We’re actively involved in the analysis and product development of solutions based on IoT market leader ARM technology. Our international network and cooperation with the specialists from Ubudu and Tsingoal ensures that we can use the latest technology in the field of UWB to realize the Social Distance Badge. The combined knowledge and experience of UWB technology projects for international clients ensures high-quality and innovative products.

The applied UWB technology has a much greater location accuracy (0.1m) than Bluetooth (3-5m)


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